Local Area Frequencies

Local Public Service Frequencies:

Many ham radio operators monitor public service frequencies in order to stay informed of what is happening in their community, especially during emergencies. Being able to monitor utility frequencies during power outages, or listening to fire crews battle local forest fires, provides useful and helpful information.  Please contribute your knowledge of active working frequencies within the area by sending updates and corrections to: kb7tde@TVARC.org or click on the following link.
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Eureka Area Scanner Frequencies

Eureka Police Department 155.250
Montana Highway Patrol 154.785
Lincoln County Road Maintenance 154.040
Lincoln Electric 153.485
Lincoln Electric 158.190
Fish and Game 155.555
Fire Department 154.205
Ambulance 154.205
Forest Service 164.375
Lincoln Country Sheriff 155.595
Lincoln Country Sheriff 158.865
Eureka School Buses 154.160
Montana Highway Patrol 154.785
State DOT 151.040
BNSF RR 161.100
NWS 162.550

If you are interested in searching for active frequencies, I suggest starting with a list of registered stations that can be found at InterceptRadio.  Just click on this link InterceptRadio.com and try out some of the frequencies listed for Lincoln county and let us know if they can be added to our table.